Phototherapy session. True self
Phototherapy session. True self
Phototherapy session. True self


 Do you feel relaxed in front of the camera?

 Usually, we get tense, we try to pose and even forget to breathe. I created a method with special exercises that will allow you to feel, express and connect with your true self. Start to listen to your body, feel your blocks and try to let them go. It’s not just a photoshoot. It’s an experience where you can get to know yourself and allow to reveal your inner entity.

My approach

Especially recommended for people who feel tense in front of the camera, who find it difficult to move with ease, and who tend to freeze. I’ve developed a method where you don’t have to pose. I will walk you through the process of accepting yourself and show you your different emotions, states and energy in your body. We tend to like ourselves better in photographs when we are as relaxed as possible.

Phototherapy session. True self

Catching the sparkle

Photo experience that answered my personal questions about me and my emotions, highlighted my self-manifestation in this World.

It started as always, I was in front of the camera, trying to pose, smiling, showing only my “working side” of the face. Margarita said that I can do whatever I want, and to be honest after 5 minutes I tried all the poses I’ve prepaid for the shooting.

And then magic happened ✨ we did some easy exercises. My hands turned into flowers, so gentle and delicate were my moves. My arms turned into wings, my whole body was a floating swan in a pond in one moment, then it was a hunting hawk, or a frisky sparrow.

I had a feeling that Margarita guided me to an amazing state of feeling true and being myself, without static posing and awkward gestures, but completely dissolving into the present moment and truly enjoying it. I completely forgot the fact that Margarita had a camera and that was actually a photo shoot. We had fun, and unforgettable experience of co-creating art of being myself

Phototherapy session. True self

An unusual and deep experience

This photosession was very unusual for me! The most surprising is that Margarita was able to pull out of me this very playful, sexy girl who likes herself. And also despite that I came in a very unresource state.  

Margarita showed me how easy it is to get back to the resource. This was very valuable to me.

It was difficult for me at first to open up and relax. But the process itself — there was a feeling that all this is specially selected for me :) I felt great care :) Thank you!

It is also very cool to see different sides of myself in photographs, how different I can be.

One of the main insights is that i can get easy access to my resource state.  The main thing is to do something for this). And the fact that it’s not difficult for me to be sexy. I didn’t know that using the right techniques I could easily and quickly “turn on” this state.

Another insight that I am beautiful on my own, it is not necessary to wear a special dress.  Even in oversized clothes and the simplest colors, you can be incendiary — this is transmitted through the mood and smile, through the face, hands, movements :)

Margot, thank you very much for such an unusual and deep experience!

Phototherapy session. True self

How does the photo shoot work?

You don’t need to have professional makeup or hair done to this shoot. To get to know each other better, we start with drink a cup of tea or coffee together. So, that you can get comfortable with a new space. 

During the photoshoot, I will give you several exercises and tools that you can get relaxed and be resourceful.  No posing or thinking about your best side are involved.

What do you need to book a date?

To reserve the photoshoot date, I ask an advanced payment of 40€ + studio cost. In case of cancellation of the shooting due to the customer, the prepayment is not refunded, however, it is possible to reschedule the shooting if necessary.

How are photos selected to be edit?

After the photoshoot, You will receive all edited photos (usually 70-100 images) digitally via an online gallery within 15 days. You would need to select the 30 pictures you like the most.

After this, I will do additional post-editing with light natural retouching and send a link to download the gallery in high resolution in JPEG format, the raw files will not be sent.

What are the additional costs?

Studio rent

3€ per extra image to download

Terms & conditions

You can check here

Phototherapy session. True self

*By booking a photoshoot, you automatically agree the use of the photos on social media, website and other promotional purposes of True self Photography unless otherwise agreed in advance.