What to wear and prepare for a photo session


Sometimes we get so inspired by photos that we see on Pinterest or Instagram, so when we do our own photo session we expect the same style/level photos. Also sometimes we underestimate the amount of preparations behind. So here i want to share some tips that will help you to reach the same result:

1. Make up for girls. Always necessary! Why? You know that all actors are using make up for video and photo, it is because a camera taking away saturation of the image and also showing all small defects of the skin, making it worse. Good news: We are all much more beautiful in real life. Bad news: You need with a help of make up show your real beauty through the cam. Even when you see photos of the models with "no make up message" - that is not true, they use the nude one.

So if you want to show any make up on the photo it should be more saturated, more bright and expressive (30% more intense). Focus on the eyes and lips. 

Use moisturising lip balm and creams every day 5 days before a photo session.

If its possible use professional make up artist because they know how to apply tone when to do mat or glance.

Make test photos that you can send to photographer if you have doubts. 

2. Hair. Is also very important. You know that sometimes with the best make up we are not happy if our hair don’t frame us good. So test different styles, make selfie and choose the best. Don’t try a new style on a photo session, it is better to go with a use-proven one.

3. Clothes. If its more then 1 person use matching colours (at least one). Or it also looks fantastic when a family chooses the same print. It can be simple but matchy. Make sure you clothes are ironed and don’t have piling effect (camera is so catchy it shows thing that in real life we don’t pay so much attention). Try all outfits how before the photo day to have time to change if you don’t like something. Check looks with a photographer.

I have a fashion background, i studied styling and make up. I can help to choose the best outfit according your body shape, colour-type and etc.

4. Theme. I am fan of authentic look and photos but it is always nice to have something special on your photo that can describe you and your story. Choose 3 subjects for a photoshoot. It can be flowers (always a good idea), glass of wine, any fruit, balloons, toys or baby's booties (in case of pregnancy photo session). If you want to go further it always possible to make a mini picnic or bring some stuff according to a photo idea.