Veem. Dutch Design week 18

One of my favorite buildings on Strijp-S. The imposing Veemgebouw (former Philips storage house) provides a platform for young talent.There is Vers Hall on the ground floor, and inside once i participaited yoga class so place is familiar to mee.

Such a good place for the Expo! Beautiful natural light, sectors - easy to understand what is what.


Craft Consil nl - platform for contemporery  creative craft. The place where crafts, art, fashion, design and heritage meet. 


1st photo - "digital craft" - 3d printing operated by human hands instead of a computer. Daan Veerman

3rd photo - re-using rope and fishing nets processed into luxurious tapesries and using knotting techniques she is creating Totems - This twin Totem - symbol of masculine and dominant power. Joanna Schneider

5th photo - Robots bages made from life jackets used by refugges.

6th photo - Studio Christine Jetten focuses on custom-made glazed tiles suitable for public spaces

New way of book shelfing)

Portuguese desigh

2 photo - Wall project - inspired by Portuguese traditinal momochromatic tiles

3 photo - Caruma vase - earthenware + backetry

4-6 - Co-RK System - newly developed non-fibrous 100% natural material: cork thread

This is magical conner with the most perfect light

1 photo - Living system - Found in shells of crustaceans, the exoskeletons of insects and the cell walls of fungi, chitin is the most widespread biopolymer in nature after cellulose, it can be hard or soft. Jenny Lee by Aikieu studio created a chitin based objects.

3 photo - Piet Hein Eek and Ikea

Dutch wood in DD future

1 photo - Dominique Sjerps - No Label Chair 

2 photo - Tomas Gelenkamp - lotte music - Round loud speaker and a side table. Form and function come together 

1 photo - human Urine is an alternative to glaze in the ceramics industry. What?

Luis Bos "Kassena Soul collection" Coffee table - inspired by African art n culture with combination of Dutch and Scandinavian design. The piramids form of the table illustrates a crocodile. 

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