TAC (Temporary art center) - i left it for the last day. Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00. So good to visit when everything is closed

Go there check a young generation of designers. It was exebition of Ukraine designers - very talented group!!! 

Left-over leather Thematerialists.nl


1. Inna Padan 

2. Katerina Sokolova

3. NataLiia Iegorova - Tasha Oro - The idea for a new life of industrial waste

4. Nikolay Sokolov - NOON noon-home.com

5-7 Masha Reva - mashareva.com Idea of Weareble sculptures + Ceramics Nadia

8 Oksana Konstantinovska - Olk Manufactory

Competitive light

All IDEA ironic and unconventional furniture items

The planitarium alike artwork

His, His and Hers, modified products from Ikea, shows the lack options of on the market for alternative householders 

Black in Material

A bird's eye view

MAFAD Graduetes 2018