Glow 2018 Eindhoven

Every November Eindhoven hosts Light Art Festival GLOW. 

This time i went to Glow several times. First just to make a hole route. It took us 3,5 hours.

My Favorite places:

1/ Cathatina church

2/ Witte Dame 

3/ Huevel gallery

4/ Market square


and of course Light show GAME:ON at PSV stadium 

TWOFIFTYK hosts a magical spectacle: Light exploring very beat + techno music what can be more impressive! 

TWOFIFTYK designs concepts, stages and shows for dance festivals and artists such as The Flying Dutch, Electric Zoo New York and Armin van Buuren. 

Prise: 5 euros

The Route itself is for free


and on second just to repeat my faves. I understood that its very important to see each show more than once. You find more details with every time you watch.

More details - more appreciation



This project was from Portugal, their kinetic art is represented in heritage monuments and public spaces in cities like London, Ams, Paris, Sydney and others. “Confluence” means flow together. 

Inside of a fairytale! This can be a dream to leave it after glow. The Market square would be the favorite place at night.

‘Dome of Light’ installation consists of 121 light-translucent tubes. I liked a lot the color matching, one of them was like unicorn. 

And reflection on the Heuvel shop gallery roof is fantastic. 

This one magnetized me a lot. Hanging reflective sheets with all possible color combinations. They looked like crystals.

Pullman hotel were casted in a penetrating deep blue light using a high-power system. This light art work were visible up to 2 km into the sky and from 20 km away.

The 'Lichttoren' was a nice light show that exploring Philips building: coloring, rotations, water inside, hue presentation by Signify (philips lighting before)

From creaters of BLOB THE BULB of Glow in 2017 


1-2 The light installation ‘Caleidoscope’ with 4 columns that are placed underneath a viaduct a very nice way to light up dark places. 


3 Cooperation between GLOW Eindhoven and the Qinhuai Lantern Festival from Nanjing, China made a composition near tent with glue-wine and fireplaces, very cozy atmosphere  


4 Loop - guys from Tue are making a research about intersections with an audience for the next glow.